Measurement & Expertise

Our Measurements and Expertise team delivers exceptional technical expertise and experienced staff to help customers solve their nuclear measurement challenges while saving cost and time.

Value Added

  • A thorough upfront study drastically reduces the project lead-time and cost
  • Benefit from years of experience to ensure success
  • Save time and money by doing it right the first time
  • Mirion engineers are proactive and spot problems early
  • 3rd party independent review
  • Ensure quality of results and meeting regulations

The M&E team provides services to measure and analyze nuclear material more efficiently. This team benefits from high level experts around the world with a combined 500 years of field experience. Having our Measurement and Expertise on your side ensures the quality of results, the safety of your site and innovative solutions customized for your needs.

Above and beyond its unique expertise, the M&E team leverages Mirion’s unique nuclear instrumentation.

Consultancy Services for complex systems

  • Technical Studies to assist in development of waste management/decommissioning strategies
  • Feasibility studies e.g. for optioneering assay techniques
  • Specialists embedded into customer teams
  • Embedded expertise so D&D groups can design processes/plant with measurement systems/services in mind
  • Help customers prepare documentation for regulators and audits
  • Support customers through interaction with their client
  • NDA system upgrade advice

Case Studies