Spectroscopy & Counting Labs

A full range of products, solutions and services to assist with the important applications of the radiochemistry laboratory. These solutions are designed to increase productivity while maintaining the highest level of accuracy.

In-Situ Measurements

In Situ tools for imaging and measurement of contaminated materials and areas, both in place as well as after removal from facilities undergoing decontamination and decommissioning operations.

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Speciality Detectors for Scientific Research

Specialized detectors and instrumentation for cutting-edge materials analysis, physics, space studies and other challenging applications.

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Alpha Spectroscopy Laboratory

 Turnkey alpha spectroscopy solutions for production “batch mode” environments as well as lower volume research environments.

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Alpha/Beta Counting Laboratory

Automatic and manually-controlled low background alpha/beta counting systems. 

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Gamma Spectroscopy Laboratory

High, medium and low-resolution detector systems, signal processing electronics, and spectroscopy software for the qualification and quantification of gamma emitting nuclides.

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Radiochemistry Accessories and Signal Processing Electronics - NIM

Data acquisition modules, cabinets and accessories for use with our laboratory systems.

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