Passive Dosimeters

Whether a small in-house system with one dosimeter reader and just a few users or a large facility with thousands of users needing a network of readers -  passive dosimeters offers a total solution with highly efficient dosimetry manangement with very little additional staff workload.

Dosimetry System

The DIS series of personal electronic radiation dosimeters can operate at high dose rates & inside pulsed fields. It's lightweight, but rugged.

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IR 2000
TLD Irradiator

A fast automatic way of irradiating RADOS TL dosimeters.

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RE 2000A
TLD Dosimeter Reader

Low cost and high precision TLD-reader for automatic or manual processing.

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TLD Dosimeter

TLD badge that allows the exchange of filter materials, filter thickness and TL-materials.

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Environmental Direct Ion Storage Dosimeter

DIS dosimeter for use in environmental and perimeter area monitoring.

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Direct Ion Storage Dosimeter

Can be read infinitely and non-destructively without any loss of dose information.

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DIS Dosimeter Reader

Reading station, access point, and configuration terminal for the DIS series dosimeters.

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DIS Dosimeter Reader
The DBR-1 Dosimeter Reader is designed to read DIS-1, DIS-1H3 and EDIS-1 dosimeters.
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DIS Dosimeter System Software

The configuration and dose management software for the DIS series dosimeter.

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