Dose Record Management and Access Control

Dose record management software allows an administrator to track total radiation exposure for their workforce over time. Combined with access control systems, it is possible to limit total exposure to radiation and control access to radiological areas.

Health Physics Information System

HIS-20 is a complete Health Physics Information System which is designed to document compliance with the latest USNRC, USDOE, and ICRP regulations and methodologies.

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Keeping Track of your Dosimetry Record

Dosemanager II integrates all of the functions needed to provide a comprehensive dosimetry program.

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RWP Turnstile
Smart Safety Checkpoint

Access control turnstiles provide an access point for issuing electronic dosimeters.

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Access Control

A stand-alone dosimeter configuration, assignment, and access control system.

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Dose Management Software

A 'light' access control system for managing small-to-medium populations of dosimeters.

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Dose Record Management Software

Manages records and settings of populations of up to several thousand electronic dosimeters.

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