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In water-cooled nuclear reactors, whenever the reactor is operating, the interaction between the neutron flux and the oxygen in the primary coolant produces 16N, a radioactive isotope of nitrogen. In case of a crack in one or more steam generator tubes, the amount of 16N leaking to the secondary coolant will be proportional to the leak size, the differential pressure between the primary/secondary loops and the concentration of 16N in the primary coolant, i.e., the reactor power level. Successful field-proven experience in providing cost-effective Steam Generator Leak Monitors (SGLM) and the software to support them is available to provide customers with added safe and reliable monitoring capabilities.

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Steam Generator Leak Monitors

Monitoring 16N is essential to determine if there are any steam generator tube ruptures in either PWR, EPR, or VVER types of reactors.

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Steam Generator Leak Rate Monitor

The SGLM 201K monitors steam generator leak rate in PWR nuclear power plants by measuring 16N volume activity.

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