Basic Dose Rate Survey Meters

These handheld survey meters provide flexible functionality for a variety of radiation measurement applications including contamination screening, alpha/beta measurement and general gamma detection.

Avior 2000
Desktop Dose Rate and Survey Meter

The Avior 2000 is a standalone and resistant device adapted to various environments such as laboratories, industrial facilities, and open air yards.

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Avior 4000
Desktop Dose Rate and Survey Meter

The Avior 4000 is a versatile alarm desktop dose rate and survey meter.

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Personal Radiation Monitor

The potential threat of a radiological terrorism incident requires that first responders are equipped with a radiation monitor that is designed to address the radiation hazards they may face.

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Radiation Survey Meter

The RDS-30 is a general purpose digital handheld radiation survey meter commonly used in a range of industries. Find out more here!

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Contamination Survey Meter

The RDS-80 surface radiation contamination monitor allows for easy scanning of surfaces, objects & equipment. Learn more about this versatile detector here.

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Desktop Dose-Rate and Survey Meter

The AVIOR-2 is a versatile alarm desktop, portable or wall mounted dose-rate and survey meter for the contamination control and dose-rate assessment.

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