Science & Technology

Mirion Detector Solutions are in use for scientific exploration in the most remote locations on Earth, underground, and in deep space...

  • Currently monitoring radiation exposure on the International Space Station.
  • Orbiting Earth (STEREO), Saturn (Cassini), Venus & Mercury (Messenger), Pluto (New Horizons), Mars (MSL-Rad), and Jupiter (JUNO).
  • Used for the discovery of elements 110 to 118 including the 110th Element, Darmstadtium, and 118th Element, Oganesson.
  • Used in the deepest underground laboratories in the world to perform dark matter experiments.
  • Used in an expedition to the peak of Mount Everest to monitor personal radiation of hikers and support teams at the summit.

Customer partnerships

Mirion Technologies brings a wide array of options to the table in order to develop a customized solution designed to meet your exact needs.

  • Mirion strives to help meet the needs of our customers by providing integrated products, services, or solutions through local representatives.
  • Mirion frequently works with various national militaries and major government agencies to provide flexible and reliable radiation protection solutions.
  • Always looking to collaborate on the cutting edge of scientific progress and research, Mirion Technologies has maintained good working relationships with many major labs and research centers.

Global Support

Our Customer Care Teams are committed to providing outstanding support and delivering excellence in every interaction.

  • Installation - Our Field Service Engineers ensure a qualified installation of your instrument and software.
  • Calibration Services - Calibrations performed by qualified experts.
  • Product Support and Repairs - Technical support and repairs for your Mirion products.
  • Customer Training Programs - A broad array of training is available for Mirion products.
High Temperature Spyrometer

Spyrometer for video imaging with integrated multiple zone temperature measurement. Links to M215 processor to allow operators to analyse measurement data on screen.

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M215 S
Spyrometer 4 Dual Imaging IR Pyrometer Processor

Spyrometer processor unit which provides the operator interface to M555 cameras. Outputs of key temperature measurements and OPC datalink. Dual-input version also available.

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Bedbug III High Temperature Solid State Camera

Remote observation system which utilizes a solid state IR device to monitor the smeltbed in recovery boilers, monitor slag buildup in utility power boilers, and monitor product distribution and control, as well as burner efficiency in industrial process furnaces.

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Bedbug II High Temperature Infrared Camera

Remote observation system which utilizes infrared camera electronics to monitor the smeltbed in recovery boilers, monitor slag buildup in utility power boilers, and monitor product distribution and control, as well as burner efficiency in industrial process furnaces.

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Extreme Environment Imaging

High temperature industrial imaging systems from Mirion have been helping operators and engineers optimize and remotely view kilns, boilers, furnaces and glass tanks for over twenty years.

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Clover Detectors
Four Coaxial Germanium Detectors

In the CLOVER detector assembly, the crystals are held on a minimized crystal holder to reduce the quantity of material surrounding the crystals and to improve peak to background ratio.

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Encapsulated Detectors
Encapsulated Germanium Detectors for Gamma Measurements

Encapsulation drastically enhances the germanium detector reliability. This technology is key for many applications, particularly in space, and especially if associated with Ultra High Vacuum. Encapsulated germanium detectors may be easily handled by the users.

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ESLX-S and LTS Detectors
Segmented Planar Silicon-Lithium Detectors for X-ray and Charged Particle Measurements

Segmentation techniques fit with all crystal designs: circular, rectangular, etc. ESLX-S detectors in a unique cryostat, offer high energy X-ray absorption or imaging capabilities.

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X-PIPS Detector SDD

The X-PIPS Detector is a spectroscopy sub-system sensitive to X-rays and low-energy gamma rays. It comprises a hermetically sealed silicon drift detector (SDD) element with a low noise CMOS reset type preamplifier and Peltier cooler.

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Powering Discovery in Space

Our products are built with the durability and quality to be used for any environment - including space exploration. Our solutions are currently orbiting Earth and investigating the radiation of the Sun (ERNE/EPHIN), ACE (SEPICA).

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ISOCS Calibration Software

The ISOCS (In Situ Object Counting System) Calibration Software brings a new level of capabilities to gamma sample assay by eliminating the need for traditional calibration sources during the efficiency calibration process.

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Ultra Portable Gamma-Ray Imaging System

iPIX is a unique gamma imager that quickly locates and identifies low level radioactive sources from a distance while estimating the dose rate at the measurement point in real time.

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Curved Passive Neutron Slab Counters

The curved slab neutron coincidence slab counter measures the plutonium content of the sample by detecting coincidence neutrons from the spontaneous fission of the even numbered isotopes of plutonium.

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Camera System

The HD-Rad is a compact high performance color PTZ camera designed for use in higher radiation environments where image quality and resolution are of paramount importance.

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D&D Applications

Comprehensive Decontamination & Decommissioning Solutions from Mirion's Characterization Division combines application know-how with a broad range of Mirion products and systems to deliver solutions that help customers address their most complex challenges throughout the D&D project lifescycle.

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